The Kaizen

- Difference -


KAIZEN haircut is 10 minutes

KAIZEN streamlines the traditional haircutting process to be all about the cut – a KAIZEN haircut takes just 10 minutes.


A KAIZEN haircut is hygienic

UV light boxes sterilize all the equipment and every customer receives a brand new comb and paper neck collar. KAIZEN uses tissues instead of towels to conserve water and ensure cleanliness..


A KAIZEN haircut is on-trend

KAIZEN hairstylists are professionally trained in the latest styles, trends and techniques.


A KAIZEN haircut is cost-effective

A KAIZEN 10-Minute Haircut is less than half the price of your average haircut but still delivers great service and a quality haircut.


A KAIZEN haircut conserves resources

Using a ‘zen wash technique’, KAIZEN haircuts don’t require water. A comfortable and custom-made vacuum also ensures no stray hairs and a fresh-feeling finish.