After some time has passed, we’re back to report our out-of-the-office visits to you all, Kaizen Mania! So in the beginning of the month, we went to the police station in Semanggi area. We were overwhelmed by the warm welcome by so many police officers there. Although their job is pretty tough and requires a lot of self-discipline, but they’re actually very warm and friendly! Our hairstylists certainly had heaps of fun there, cutting hair, chit-chatting and all. Also, we are planning to make regular visits in the future, so wait for us, Mr. and Mrs. Police Officer! ^^ While during the end of the month, we visited the Blue Bird Kalibata taxi pool. The more we visit, the more we enjoy our time there, and the interactions between us and the taxi drivers! Unfortunately, not all the drivers were there to spend a good time with us. But don’t worry, cause it’s on the list of our continuous plan already! We really can’t wait for the next visit!