Kaizen Mania all around Indonesia, put your hands up! We celebrated something special in December last year. What’s it all about? Of course, the welcoming celebration of our newest outlets, currently up and running in three more places, which were Ciputat, Depok, and also a ‘new’ city, which was Pekanbaru. This was our very first time in Riau, opening on 15 November 2016! Following after were Ciputat Outlet on the 20th and Kelapa Dua Raya Outlet on the 23rd. And not to forget, new outlets mean promotions! Speedy and stylish haircut, sterilized equipment, and attention to hygiene, all in one package with very affordable prices. So come and experience our service first-hand, and we promise not to bring you down! Find the address of each outlet below and see you around, Kaizen Mania!