In this second month to the end of 2016, we have added three more Kaizen Gold outlets in Tangerang and Depok areas, and also in Surabaya. First stop was Kaizen Teras Kota Mall on 3 November and the second stop was Kaizen ITC Depok on the 4th of November. Afterward came Kaizen Marvell City on the 29th. Yay to another addition of our Surabaya family and Kaizen family in general! You might thought that our delights decreased in time as we got used to opening more outlets but you might be very wrong on that! We are becoming more pleased with every announcement we’ve made of our new outlets! We have promos awaited in those outlets, and in our other outlets as well. Well, December is here in a blink of an eye but we won’t stop bringing good news to you!